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MHA's H-28 was donated in 2006 by Don Coe and Jim Wall of Suttons Bay, Michigan. Built in 1947 by Joel Johnson of carvel-planked cedar over oak frames, she is a beautiful boat to sail and a wonderful addition to the MHA fleet.

Arcturos at sail

(The following is from the H-28 Class Association website)
"Designed by L. Francis Herreshoff in 1942 and published in Rudder Magazine in '43, who knows how many servicemen in Europe and the Pacific kept tattered copies in their duffles to pull out, study, and dream. …hundreds of H-28's were built shortly after the war in boat yards turning once again to pleasure craft and in backyards across the country."

Its design parentage traces a history to the Wizard of Bristol, RI, father Nathaniel Herreshoff, without question the greatest American yacht designer in history. The Herreshoff Manufacturing Company designed and built hundreds of fine yachts and numerous America's Cup winners, including the famous 1934 winner "Reliance."

L. Francis had a way with words, and wasn't shy to weigh in on a whole host of subjects. His first article in Rudder set the tone:

'Most of all to be considered is the joy of being noiselessly propelled over the ever-changing magic carpet of the sea and contemplation of the restful nights of relaxed slumber that follow an all-day sail. The night clouds fold back before the golden dawn, lighting up the cockpit and streaming in the companionway, each drop of dew on rope and spar a perfect pearl with all the colors of the rainbow, and the dawn has awakened all of nature in our cove.'

Not only is the H-28 a smooth sailing yacht with good Herreshoff lines, she can also be taken anywhere with pride. It could be described, in an almost unused word today, as being "yar" (as in, "my, but she's yar.")

In his final words on the design, L. Francis wrote: "If her design is only slightly changed, the whole balance may be thrown out. If you equip her with deadeyes or fill her virgin bilge with ballast, the birds will no longer carol over her, nor will the odors arising from the cabin make poetry, and your soul will no longer be fortified against a world of politicians and fakers."

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