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MHA volunteers ready boats for winter

October 12, 2013

Thanks to the hard work of more than 20 volunteers today, the MHA's boats are a step closer to being in good shape for the coming winter. Earlier this week, Tony Mulac and his workers accomplished a lot and today, a perfect sunny day that saw the temperature rise from 54 degrees at sunrise to 70 degrees by noon, much more work was completed.

Seven spars were removed from the boats in the harbor, and the engines and fuel tanks were pulled from Welcome. MHA's president, Capt. Rod Jones said that every three years Madeline's mast is pulled out, cleaned, repainted, and repaired, so removing Madeline's mast was one of the special tasks today. Next, the bubbler system needs to be installed at the dock and the winter covers placed on Madeline and Welcome; they will remain in the water for the winter. The smaller boats, Champion and Arcturos will be stored inside for the winter. Volunteers were busy rolling up the shrouds and getting them ready to be taken inside.

In the coming weeks, work will continue as the spars will need sanding, painting, and slushing. Then they will be stored outdoors for the winter.

Drop by the Boat Shop any morning you can to help with the ongoing work. A big thanks to all the volunteers who turned out for the work bee. We hope you enjoyed the impromptu lunch of brats on the grill.

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