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Maritime Heritage Alliance

Boat shop

Maritime Heritage Alliance's boat shops are a hub of activity any time of year. Building 1, the Edwin and Mary Brown Boat Shop, currently houses the Witchcraft, a 33-ft. sloop built in 1965 by Bill Livingston of Northport, MI. The Witchcraft was donated to MHA in 1982. After extensive repairs, she was re-launched in 1993. The Witchcraft is once again being restored to her early glory. Also, during this past winter (2015), Building 1 has housed the Cutter Champion as it has undergone major repair and restoration. 

Boat Shop 2, the Peter Henry Boat Shop, is the new home of the Modeler's Shop, where model boatbuilding takes place. The Boat Shop also is the winter home for a number of MHA's boats.

If you would like to volunteer to work on boat restoration projects at MHA, please contact us.

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