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Maritime Heritage Alliance
February 16, 2017

Madeline Committee- Special Capt., Mates & MITs Meeting

Special Capt., Mates & MITs Meeting                    Thursday, 2/16/201, 6-8 PM, Boat Shop #1

Madeline has an opportunity to work wth a film crew in Port Ross, Ontario in July (no specific dates at this time).  This would be a long trip that would include a least a week on the northeast shore of Lake Superior. 
This potential voyage is under discussion at this point, but we need to make a decision soon based on practical logistics and risk assessment. 
Please RSVP to me asap if you can attend this meeting.
 We also need to have some idea of how many Mates & MITs would be available for week-long Leg in July. 
Come or send any research you can do an this location and places of refuge along that shore. Or course your comments welcome. Woody will have more information from his discussions with the film company.
If someone has access to GL Cruising Club material--that would be great.  Also, if you know any sailors familiar with that part of Lake Superior...please talk with them and report.



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