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Maritime Heritage Alliance


MHA Calendar

This calendar displays all MHA events and meetings, as well as events hosted by our network of partners.



Small Boats Reservations

MHA's fleet of small boats are available for current MHA members to sail. Members MUST be preapproved to sail the boats before being eligible to reserve and sail them. Once a member is deemed eligible, they will receive the information necessary to place reservations.

A note on heritage sails:

- We only accept reservations via email to ensure we are adhering to our first come, first served policy

- Please be respectful of others- we limit registrations to groups of 4 or less to provide as much opportunity for the community to participate as possible

- Our staff work a total of 12 hours/week. They respond to requests as quickly as possible and the best way to receive a prompt response is to follow the registration instructions here.




Madeline crew can log in to the crew portal to view the Madeline crew schedule.


If you have events you would like added to the calendar, please email info@maritimeheritagealliance.org with:

-Name of Event

-Name and contact information for point of contact

-Time frame of event

-Concise description of event

Maritime Heritage Alliance
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