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Maritime Heritage Alliance

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MHA Contact Information


Maritime Heritage Alliance Office: 231-946-2647 info@maritimeheritagealliance.org


For questions regarding boat donations and/or the MHA auction: auction@maritimeheritagealliance.org

For questions regarding financials or reimbursements: business@maritimeheritagealliance.org

Community and Heritage Sail sign-ups: instructions will be provided each year with the schedule announcement that include a specific email address to contact to sign-up.


MHA Staff

Name Title Office Hours
Michelle Handke Office Manager

Tues/ Thurs 8-11am

Sat 8am-12pm

Margaret Schaal Office Assistant Mon 10am-1pm
Jake Troyer Bookkeeper Please contact for hours


MHA Board of Directors


Doug Roberts |President | mindemoya@gmail.com | 231-620-3920

Rich Brauer | Vice President | rich@brauer.com | 231-632-6613

Scott Ford| Secretary | scotte.ford@gmail.com| 231-668-6064

Ned VanHamm |Treasurer  | winstuart@gmail.com | 612-719-6593

Rod Jones | rodjones2@charter.net | 231-632-0387

Jay Ruzak | jayruzak@gmail.com | 231-490-0950

Brett Derr | soundingsinink@gmail.com |


MHA Office Hours

Visit us!

Discovery Center- Great Lakes

13268 S. West Bay Shore Drive
Traverse City, MI 49684

The MHA office is located in the Peter Henry Boat Shop (Building 2)


Office Hours:


Monday 10am-1pm

Tuesday 8am-11am

Thursday 8am-11am

Saturday 8am-12pm


MHA office hours are limited. Individuals with questions are strongly encouraged to contact the office via email to ensure more timely responses.

Maritime Heritage Alliance
13268 S West Bay Shore Dr
Traverse City, MI 49684