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Maritime Heritage Alliance

Muster Project

Watch this video to learn more about Maritime Heritage Alliance's Muster Project.

Welcoming new Northwestern Michigan College students and giving them the opportunity to connect with those who've been on campus for awhile is the goal of the Muster Project.

2013 marks MHA's third season of partnering with NMC to help new students transition to college life through sailing and connecting with mentors. This approach to acquainting new students with life at NMC before the semester starts offers the following:

  • Sailing experience on MHA's Champion,
  • Introduction to Maritime Heritage Alliance's wooden boat restoration facilities and boat modeling shop,
  • Mentoring by a second-year student,
  • Follow-up pizza parties to stay connected with other program participants,
  • Exciting events throughout the semester.

It's an awesome time with some really great people who share a common goal.

Community and heritage sails

Muster project

Watch Stone Hut Studios' video of NMC students in the Muster Project onboard MHA's cutter, Champion.

Are you an incoming NMC student? Find out how you can get involved in the Muster project.



Maritime Heritage Alliance
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