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Maritime Heritage Alliance

Our members

Maritime Heritage Alliance's members are drawn to the organization for a variety of reasons. Some are attracted to MHA because of the opportunity to be a skipper or crew member on one of our boats, whether it be the 56-ft. Tall Ship Madeline, the 39 ft. Concordia-built cutter, Champion or the H-28 Arcturos.  Crew members have a strong bond of friendship, which is strengthened by the experiences shared onboard one of the boats, especially while on extended Great Lakes cruises.

Some are woodworkers who relish the chance to work on models or boat restoration projects, one intricate, intriguing board at a time. Others enjoy discussing the history of the wooden boats that plied the Great Lakes from the time of the voyageurs in their birchbark canoes to the era of merchants in their cargo schooners, many of which now rest at the bottom of one of the Lakes.

Some MHA members have retired from big-city careers and are now in a position to pursue their dreams and share their knowledge and skills with others of a like mind in a less stressful environment, here on the shores of beautiful Grand Traverse Bay.

MHA's membership includes community businesses and organizations that quite simply want to support our mission. They enjoy reading our newsletters and attending special lectures, particularly when the topic pertains to anything boat or water related.

Members get together a few times a year for a spring potluck supper and an annual meeting in November, which is combined with a fall potluck supper. Informal gatherings, usually involving food, happen randomly throughout the year, especially when the boat shop people and office staff fire up the barbecue and grill some brats for lunch.

One thing about our members: They are not dull. Stop in to our Boat Shop and see for yourself. Our boats that sail the waters of the Great Lakes in summer need lots of attention over the winter months. In addition to annual boat maintenance projects, the Shop is where you can see the ongoing restoration of the Witchcraft.  Stop in and meet some of our members. You are welcome any time.



The Maritime Heritage Alliance has about 200 members. Many are actively involved in some capacity or other on a daily basis. Stop by the Shop and see what's going on.

Maritime Heritage Alliance
13268 S West Bay Shore Dr
Traverse City, MI 49684