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Maritime Heritage Alliance

Our People

Maritime Heritage Alliance is a volunteer-run organization, so when we talk about our organization we are also telling the story of our volunteers.

Whether you're already a skilled woodworker, an enthusiastic fundraiser, a knowledgeable historian, a talented event planner, a seasoned sailer, or somebody looking to learn a new skil, all of our volunteers share one common passion: the maritime heritage of the Great Lakes.


Our volunteers put their passion into action in many ways:

- Organize MHA events

- Assist with boat restoration projects in the shop

- Teach maritime heritage programs for the public

- Crew on our fleet of boats

- Assist with outreach and communication efforts on behalf of the organiztion

- Assist the office with fundraising and/or administrative duties


There's no shortage of ways for individuals to be involved in MHA.

Visit our "What We Do" page to see the products of our volunteers' hard work, and visit our "Volunteer" page to see the ways you can be involved.







The Maritime Heritage Alliance has about 200 members. Many are actively involved in some capacity or other on a daily basis. Stop by the Shop and see what's going on.

Maritime Heritage Alliance
13268 S West Bay Shore Dr
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